It is indeed a welcoming approach of the State of Tamilnade that the Minister of CE and HC of Temples said that if Women who’re versed in vedic literature wishes to work as Priest, will be provided with ample training. The very same ministry announced the All Caste Archaka, people from all creeds can now be a priest if they’re well versed in vedic literature.

image courtesy: wikipedia

He also said that “If Women wish to work as priests, training will be provided to them and necessary steps will be taken to appoint them as priests. This will be done after getting the approval of the Chief Minister.” This initiation was a direct result of the social reformers intent to provide equal job opportunities to women, even in priesthood.

However, this will be a major move in India, whilst the ban on women from Vedic literature during the times o invasions, cast systems and gender inequalities prevailed, but as the people are getting awakened to their true nature via education and social reforming, these superstitious decisions are now fading away, as the light coming in!

Viswanath Dasari