Be it Empress Rudrama Devi or her father Ganapathi deva or his great grandson prataparudra,The great rulers of Kakatiya enhanced the cultural and spiritual nature of this land as well as they defended the southern part of this nation from invaders. In their grand rule, they built exquisite temples that not even possible today. Some of them are in ruins and the others were untouched by none to some extent. In 2014, these temples were enlisted as UNSECO world heritage sites. The Swayambhu Temple, Keerthi Thoranas, Warangal Fort, Rudreswara Thousand Pillar Temple and Ramappa Temples were in the list. 

Image courtesy : Wikipedia

Within the Warangal fort, which comprised of 45 towers and pillars spread over the radius of 19 Km; it has a temple for Divine Mother, Swayambhumata Temple in the centre. The Fort, being a massive construction with three distinct strongholds. The Temples Rudradreswara, the thousand pillared Temple was built in the technique of Sandbox in the shape of a Pentagram an out of the world ivory statues.
And of course the Ramappa temple stands as the unique temple where in India, the only temple named after the sculptor. It is called by Marco polo as the Brightest Star in the galaxy of Temples. The sculptural art work seems to portray a frozen moment of Dance and culture of that period rather than an imaginary work of art. Dances like Bharata Natya, Shrunga, Bharunga, Rathi, Perini Shiva Thandavam and many other dance forms were carved in the Mukha Mandapa. The 12 statues of Divine Dancers, the devanarthakis were exquisite!  

-Viswanath Venkat Dasari