The current civilization is merely running a rat race without even realising the subtle essence of nature and creative potential within everyone. But those who understood the subtle essence, throughout the ancient eras, touted legendary beings who always existed in various epicentres of events, for thousands of years, imparting their knowledge to humanity, always proving that one can achieve such state and that light does exist! They are the Siddhas, as they’re called in this land.

Siddhas are namely the common people, but they chose a different realm of thought to live! There were many masters who transcended the humanity! But in India, 18 Siddhas were chiefly noted and it was started from Nandi Devar, being the first of that lineage! The list goes on, Agastya, Tirumolar, Bhoganathar and so on! They are the first Scientists, alchemists, healers and teacher who taugh the path of enlightenment to this land. Their written manuscripts are still available at some of Tamil Families as well as in mseums abroad, Germany, US and Great Britain.

Siddhas attained the state of eternity and says the individual can do the same. Siddhas are the first to invent the Martial arts, Silambam, Kalaripayattu, varma Kalai, and Adimurai, as well as various forms of Music, dance and arts along with healing processes! The abilities that Siddha’s attained are called the astasiddhis. Anima, becoming tiny; Mahima, becoming omnipresent; Laghima, Becoming light as a feather; Garima, becoming massive; Prapti, fulfilment of all their desires; Prakasysm; ability to go anywhere with their bodies, enter into other bodies, and interact with various places bodily while staying at a different place; Istavam; supremacy over all elements; and Vasitatvam, ability to bend any power, be they’re kings or Gods. 

-Viswanath Venkat Dasari