India is a nation that no matter how globalization tries to step in, there will always be a place that’s guarded by ancient essence for every generation to ponder upon. Hemmed amidst the healing magic of nature, enchanting waterfalls and various species of birds, this ancient Shiva Temple in South India stands as an ancient architectural wonder that still mystifies the pilgrims and tests their courage even today.

In the state of Andhrapradesh, surrounded by the borders of Nellore, Kadapa, and Prakasam districts, near a village called Kothapalli of Sitaramapuram Mandal, the cave temples of Bhairaveswara Swamy stands tall as a talisman of the Pallava Dynasty. Situated in thick the jungle on a stone hill, the temple has nine caves. The Archaeologists presume that this temple must have been constructed during the reign of Pallava King Mahendra Varma around 600 CE.

The specialty of this temple is that The Divine counterpart of Shiva, Lady Durga has a lingam. Another significance of this temple is that here the shiva lingam has a Brahmasutram. Along with that, the sculptures of Vishnu and Brahma are also enshrined in this cave temple complex. Pilgrims only visit this temple as a group during the festivals of Karthika and Maha Shivaratri even today that no one dares to go during the other days due to the temple’s remoteness in the jungle. However, this temple is under dire neglect void of development by the authorities despite its ancientness.