The Yogi who uplifted the modern world onto its spiritual heels, says about the true victory in his “how to live” teachings. Here are some of his quotes…

“You will never win unless you make the effort. God has given you mental dynamite, sufficient to destroy all your difficulties.”
“To be a conqueror of self is to be truly victorious – to conquer your circumscribed consciousness.”
“Breakout of the mental cell of ignorance that has confined you. Think differently. Refuse to be limited by the thoughts of weakness or age.”
“There’s an antidote for ‘can’t’ consciousness: Affirm ‘I can’. Create that antidote with your mind and administer it with your will.”

“Cultivate the persistence that Jesus had, compare his mentality when the time came for him to give up his body; with that of any successful free man, walking in the streets of Jerusalem. To the very end, in every test – even when he was imprisoned and crucified by his enemies – he was supremely victorious.”

-Viswanath Venkat Dasari