Today we’re going to conclude our ‘literal’ trip to the 12 Jyotirlingas at Daivabhakti, with the Nageshwara Jyothirlinga of Dwaraka, which was established in the period of Mahabharata!

A Sage named Suriya used to live near the deodar forest where a Tyrannical King Daruk ruled that kingdom and troubled the devotees of Shiva. The forest is said to have near the sea and sometimes underwater, that Daruk has underwater dens where he took his prisoners.

Thus, Daruk imprisoned Supriya and hid him in one of the underwater bases along with other prisoners, but Supriya prayed to Shiva and made the other prisoners do the same. With his power of focus, he manifested a Lingam that which in turn drove all the evil armies and an upsurge of Naga Armies attacked Daruk and his troops, then Shiva blessed Supriya with freedom.

Thus this shrine made to be a Jyothirlingam. But the name Daruka Vana confused many historians that ‘Darukavana’ finds mention in Indian epics, such as Kamyakavana. The Jageshwara Temple in Almora can also be identified as The Nageshwara Jyothirlinga, but the Dwaraka Shrine is officially considered for the title.  

– Viswanath Venkat Dasari

Image Courtesy: Wikipedia