Whenever India comes to a spiritual viewpoint, it always represents the Himalayan Masters. One might think of them as heavenly born. But the thing is, their attitude of not giving up along with the sheer determination to achieve enlightenment made them what they are. Such a grand saint who hails from Andhrapradesh and got well-known as Walking-Shiva in Varanasi is none other than Sri Trailinga Swami!

The great saint not only performed miracles but openly lived and proved the power of the self as per the records the saint lived over 280 years and according to the disciples, the number was close to 380, for he hails from Telugu State Andhrapradesh which then called Trilinga Desam said to be called under the Vijayanagar Empire.    

Ramakrishna said about this great saint, “I saw that the universal Lord Himself was using his body as a vehicle for manifestation. He was in an exalted state of knowledge. There was no body-consciousness in him. Sand there became so hot in the sun that no one could set foot on it. But he lay comfortably on it.”

The saint performed many miracles like levitating, walking on water, healing people, disappearing and re-appearing. His philosophy is simple: He says man’s uncontrolled senses as his enemy and his controlled senses as his friend. A poor person is the one who is “greedy” and the one who always remains content “rich”. He said that the greatest place of pilgrimage is “Our own pure mind”, not any outer shrine!

– Viswanath Venkat Dasari

Image Courtesy: Latest News Updates