Did you ever wonder why your child feels reluctant to go to the schools of the current education curriculum? Did you ever wonder why your child is acting like a mindless lad ever since he or she gets accustomed to schools rather than home? Did you notice the dimming of simple minds in the child and suddenly they become a factory product. Is your child, instead of not questioning, He/she is believing anything that was taught? That flaw is not in your child. Its the education system that makes them act that way.  

The greatest quality of our ancient education system is that they encourage children to question the reality including the very knowledge they learn and will be given an opportunity to experiment with it. But in today’s system, you’re not allowed to question anything that was taught by the system. Well, if it’s not worth questioning, it is not education. It’s just propaganda to keep people enslaved to a recycled ignorance. But the ancients encouraged the students to find truth rather than training to rely on facts formed by some vague individuals. Because, our ancients knew one thing: Reality is relative to the beholder alone and is unique to everyone.  

This can be said that the word Pramana, the true meaning of it which I recently came across, is Pra is future and mana is measurement. This directly means as I have contemplated, Observation is the synonym for Measurement. In this way, Pramana means, Observing The Future. i.e. Collapsing the wave potential of the future so that one can find the truth by themselves. This means, the ancients applied the principles of quantum mechanics into the very education system and encouraged the students to find their own enlightenment while giving them adequate data and basic understanding.