In Indian history, Lord Shiva is chiefly associated with healing and harmony along with heroic acts. Even in archaeology, healing temples were found around the world with resonant chambers that now proven scientifically to be echoing with a frequency of 111hz.

The chief essence of Shiva temples was associated with the frequency of Blue Light. The Baidyanath temple holds a legend that many wounded warriors and people who needed healing to their mind got the permanent solution in ancient history, and even it was linked to The Mahabharata and Ramayana.

The Sanctum Sanctorum and the pagodas around are shaped like pyramids with a unique linga. It is said that there are three major shrines in India with the name of Baidyanath that people might get confused that which one is the Jyothirlinga, however, all three are healing temples.

In the temple complex of the Baidyanath in Deoghra District, Jharkhand, there are 21 smaller temples that might look like healing centres in the ancient time, that now only used as places of worship.

The Matsya Purana narrates the place as Arogya Baidyanatha Tirtha, the holy place where Shakti (Energy) resides and assists Shiva (Consciousness) in freeing people from untreatable diseases.

– Viswanath Venkat Dasari

Image Courtesy : Wikipedia