There’s a unique legend behind this ancient temple that sage Salihotra visited this place where there’s a pool that other sages used to take a sacred bath. This place was then hemmed by thick jungle, which is currently in a town near the City Of Chennai.

Sage Salihotra did his sadhana here where once he fasted continuously for one year and after that, he cooked boiled milk rice to break his fast and thought of sharing it with someone. Then a Brahmin appeared from nowhere. The sage shared his food with that strange man and kept back on his sadhana, he went for another year of fasting where he achieved a state of balance. Then the same brahmin appeared, through tethered he was, he transformed himself into a glorious being, there stood a strong man in radiant countenance and said “Kim Griham?” in Sanskrit. Then the place got the name Kingrihapuram.

This shrine has been initially under the care of Pallava Dynasty and then the Cholas. The temple tank is said to have been a great healer and enforcer of peace to those to consciously take a bath. Pilgrims also credit it with healings. Thus this shrine has been renowned as Vaidya Veeraraghava Perumal Temple.