If you observe the cell division and the intelligence behind it, you’ll also notice that an individual personality is yet to be given permission to move. In other words, while under construction, the cells divide without any distinct border or definite shape to perceive, yet, lurks within them an immortal intelligence. It’s also proven that there’s an immortal gene present in every cell, which was named after the Celtic folklore of Tir Nanog. But the public stream doesn’t highlight this startling discovery, but they rather undermine it with a brainwashing lie.

Human beings are the only ones that have the capacity to collapse the wave function of the quantum field. It means we’re the observers that have the ability to create! Well, what are we then? Our entire embodiment is a form of light and where the conglomeration of light variables is housed within this body and that’s why we have electricity present in the brain that sends out its impulses to command the bodily movements. Isn’t that a wonder that why our ancients called our body a temple of the living god?

When we look at the Natarajaswamy Temple of Chidambaram, the temple itself is a direct representation of the human body and it is clearly depicted with 72 thousand Nadis. And in the recent findings, we have a connecting tissue called Fascia which is the structure of light and looks like a spider’s web which is greatly emphasized in the ancient martial art of Kalaripayattu. The base energy which we call the kundalini energy is what facilitates the cells to be lively. And ou entire DNA is a memory bank that can be read and can be used by the divine intelligence to rejuvenate the body all the time! And it’s time to realize and reclaim our divinity by knowing that our body is the temple of God that lives within us.