When ever you think of the word Mother, you immediately think of the love she showed to you and the way she educated you. But this great mother of Indian History, educated her children to be enlightened beings that she became an ideal mother to every modern mother. She’s none other than Queen Madalasa.

It is Ascended Master Markhandeya who brought her story to light through his Markhandeya Purana. In Ancient India, a king named Ruthadhwaja, lost his wife Madalasa after his coronation. But being a yogi himself, he raised her back to life. When Madalasa returned, she kept on rigorous yogic practice with the knowledge she learned from the ethereal realm.
As she got enlightenment, she had four sons, namely,  Vikrantha, Shatru Mardhana, Subahu and Alarka. The Queen took a promise from the king that she’s never send her children to traditional school but she herself would educate them. So she became a teacher to her kids that one by one attained enlightenment and ascended bodily into higher planes.

Queen Madalasa is a forever inspiration to every generation of mothers that she encourages them to be enlightened and then educate their children, she mainly taught that the bodies are the temple of the god that, you never identify with your name or face, you are eternally forever.

-Viswanath Venkat Dasari