Right after the festival of Dussehra, this entire winter season is the festival of wellbeing and fabulous wealth. Starting with the aromatic fragrances of the traditional pancakes of Atlatadyia, the enchanting moon, the lights of Deepavali, garden gatherings of Nagulachavithi which bring healing and peace, discipline days of Shiva, the month of Kaarthika and the blossoms of Sankranthi with the radiance of Ratha Sapthami, this winter is full of magic and abundance that our ancients always pointed towards the spiritual enlightenment and knowledge. This is the season where caterpillars turn into beautiful butterflies. This is the season where the greatest of all dreams, the wishes of well-being and prosperity manifest. This is the season of harvest!

If you look closely, you’ll feel the enchantment of nature, the place where God can be found abundantly after the depths of your being. Instead of realizing this simplicity, people wander here and there. They look for god in everything, but they neglect the very own being and its reflection in nature. Thus, this season teaches us to be humble, simple, focussed and happy. If you keenly observe the nature, this is the season where the bears hibernate, birds settle in a nest, the night sky will be clear enough to look upon at the firmament, the ideal of forever, the stars, the reminders of magic.

In the west, they celebrate this season with Christmas, identifying the birth of the living god within every individual, just as we celebrate it here with Sankranthi. In the long lights and lucid dreams that allow you to live there where you create wonders and bring them back to the light of this day and make this life a paradise. This is the season where your body doesn’t complain about the heat when you still your focus, this is the season where you’ll be closer to your god. That doesn’t mean to make other seasons less, but this season will allow you to be in a Now. This is the season of training and practice that the remaining of the seasons will be lived in the abundance of god’s grace!