“The Temple Dance” is an amazing Initiative By a Kuchipudi Dancer to Restore Ancient Temples.

Himansee Katragadda, a Kuchipudi dancer from Warangal, has started an amazing initiative called ‘The Temple Dance’ to restore ancient Indian Temples. She decided to bring the previous glory to the ancient temples of India through this initiative.

She chose 7 Kakathiyya era temples, because of their architectural beauty and their heritage. She said to a media source, ‘Being a kuchipudi dancer, I have to travel the length and breadth of our country. Since a majority of the performances are held in temple preemies, I was awestruck looking at the rich cultural heritage and the architectural grandeur of those Temples. I always felt that temples are a testimony of India’s cultural heritage where dance, music, and combative practices have been honored for ages. Unfortunately, some Temple’s look like Desolated pieces of neglected history due to several reasons.’

‘The Temple Dance’ campaign has been started in 2019 and she chose Kota Gullu near Gampur village for her first performance. This great initiative has been inaugurated by the great director K. Vishwanath.

Himansee took the responsibility of choreographing, cinematography, editing and directing for this initiative. She performed more than 1,000 times on stage with many Iconic classical dancers like Dr Shobha Naidu. You can watch their performances in their Youtube Channel ‘The Temple Dance.’

-Viswanath Venkat Dasari