Srikalahasti temple, located 36 km from Tirupati. The shrine is known for its Vayulinga – Shiva as The Wind! It is where Ascended Master Kannappa made history by sacrificing his identity and replaced it with Shiva’s, which in turn is said to be as he put his own to Shiva. This Shrine is also called Southern Kailash. The temple complex dates back to the 5th century and the outer constructions were done in the 11th century by Rajendra Chola I and in the 16th century by The Vijayanagar Rulers.

The Linga here is truly unique that even today a gentle breeze flows from it and it can be evidently seen as the light put in front of it will be flickered as there is no chance the wind from outside can enter the deep sanctum.

According to the legend, it is denoted that a Spider, a snake and an elephant competed in worshiping Shiva which in turn fought with eachother. But Shiva blessed them with eternal life and this shrine then was named as Sri Kala Hasti.

There’s another prominent Legend is that The Lord Of The Wind worshiped Shiva and was asked three boons which in turn Vayu Deva replied : I want to be everywhere in this world. I want to be an integral part of every living being who is none other than the expressed form of God itself. Thus his wish has been granted! 

– Viswanath Venkat Dasari

Image Courtesy: Wikipedia