When we look at the tale of Tripuranthaka, we find fabulous insights for self-conquest as well as advanced ancient tech. When the three sons of Tharakasura were blessed with three floating cities in space, they cause havoc on the earth by troubling the populace through frequent warfare. Those floating cities were so equipped that they happen to escape many attacks of benevolent beings who endeavor to help the planet earth. But these Cities can only be destroyed when they converge in orbit which is a rare event.

However, Shiva, being the Godhead within humanity, envisions such an event, then the beings gather their chariots, to strike the cities down. So Shiva, with his bow, the meeru, his serpent as the string, and Vishnu as the arrow, strikes the three cities at once leaving no tyrant any room to escape, except Maya, the architect of those cities managed to survive. In many temples, Shiva is depicted with four arms, shooting a single arrow at an equally arrayed building with three stories.

The inner meaning of this tale is so clear that the three Cities represent the three corrupting attitudes in humanity which are Lust, Lack, and Greed, when destroyed, the human being can directly realize that he’s Shiva. And this can be achieved through focussed will, lifting up the kundalini energy and practicing the knowledge in one’s daily life. There are two various versions of this tale, one says, Shiva had to await a right the moment while the Devas worked so hard to built a powerful Bow and arrow along with a chariot for Shiva, and another story says that Shiva destroyed the three cities just by his smile and later shot it only for the satisfaction of the devas.

-Viswanath Venkat Dasari.