This is a prestigious temple of Lord Ram located in the East Part of Thalassery of Kerala. The brass pagoda from the copper sheeting of its roof was damaged by Tippu Sultan’s troops in the 18th century. But, miraculously the temple has saved itself from them. The officials of The East Indian Company and the Local Leaders used this temple for treaties and agreements.

The annual temple festival is observed here on the vishu day of the malayalam calender. Among the 5 shrines dedicated to Lord Ram, this temple stands prominent. The other four were located in Trinayamkundam of Triprayer.

According to the legend, this temple was visited by Lord Parasuram and some say this temple was commenced by a sage named Sweetharshi, believed to be Agastya Muni. The Sweetharshi is also known as the Neelarshi – The Blue Sage.

In William Logan’s journal, The Malabar Manual where he dedicated a detailed chapter on this temple entitled ‘The Brass Pagoda’ describes that the temple has been preserved by the East India Company and how The Seven Storied Pagoda that was attacked by Tippu’s troops and the traces of this Gopuram and Walls are still visible today.

– Viswanath Venkat Dasari

Image Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons