Till now many scientists came up with numerous inventions to eradicate plastic but this time, the scientists of Advance Systems Laboratory of DRDO in Hyderabad came up with a bio-degradable plastic and made the first of its kind bags and start their initiative with Tirupathi Laddu. An exclusive sale counter at Tirupathi has been inaugurated by DRDO Chairman Satish Reddy along with the Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam (TTD) Executive Officer Dr K.S. Jawahar Reddy and Additional EO A.V. Dharma Reddy.

The DRDO Chairman said to the media “To minimize single use plastic, we have come out with these eco-friendly bags made of starch of corn which degrade naturally within 90 days and are also not harmful even if the cattle consume them. After detailed research and rigorous testing of the formula, we have come out with these bags for Tirumala,” he said.

He emphasized that the polyethylene bags made from petrochemicals are so toxic and they’re destroying the environment as they take nearly 200 years to get degraded. Contrary to this, these new eco-friendly bags are sustainable, cost-effective, and ocean-safe substitutes for such plastic products. “Products like these are essential for the survival of mankind. After observing the response from the pilgrims for a few days, we are planning to commence its sales in a full-fledged manner,” He added.

However, this initiative, which took a start from Tirupathi, will get some popularity to the bags. But it’d be amazing if these bags are to be available in every store, across the nation and the government should encourage its production on a large scale.

-Viswanath Venkat Dasari