An ancient temple which is located 30 km from the city of Vishakhapatnam, came to attention as it uncovers the most ancient facets of history. The temple is called the Someshwara Temple, said to have been built in the early Chola era. However, the temple has a startling legend as it marks the place of Sage Kapila’s ascent. It’s said that Sage Kapila came here with his disciples and desired to carve out 101 lingams through his spiritual powers, i.e he tasked his mind to perform this miracle by the next sunrise. But he could only complete 100 lingams and one has been left unfinished. So he called the place as the ‘hill of debt’ which means Appukonda. The people, through their mispronunciation, speak it as Appikonda.

The temple remained under sands and nothing was known until recently about the evidence of this temple. When this temple came up along with six lingams, another 94 lingams stay hidden under the sands. This ancient temple said to have been commenced by the Sage Kapila himself in that place in which he placed another lingam he manifested to signify his ascent.

The temple which has the legend beyond 1400 years, also has an ancient well which is still in use as it provides fresh water for the temple needs, even though the well is so close to the sea. As the temple has been discovered on a Monday under the sand dunes, the temple got the name Someswara. Since then, it quickly became a pilgrimage site as the festival of Mahashivaratri will be celebrated in a grand way.