It is well known that Ascended Master Krishna inspired the valiant Arjuna to take on a journey unimagined, a journey of self-conquest. This scintillating historical conversation between the marvelous cousins has the potential to transmute the entire gross matter into glorious beings of divine intelligence. At this juncture, Krishna clarifies Arjuna’s dire confusion about the abilities of the God that lives within the embodiment.

Upadrashtanumanthacha Bhartha Bhokta Maheshwara,
Paramatmethichapiyukto Dehesmin Purushaparah!

–        The Bhagavad-Gita (13:23).

Krishna explains that the divine being that dwells within the body is the Observer, Permitter, Endurer, Experiencer, Lord God, Holy Spirit which is the master of all. And in the following verses, he says, When the observer is known, one can break the shell of the mundane and bring magic into their life. They’ll be eternal and will transcend all the programmed limitations.

It’s truly a surprise to know and read about the observer in this ancient text, and until the 20th century, it was only known to the masters of this land while the commoners considered it a myth, and even today most of the ignorant populace struggle to accept this open truth. With the advent of Quantum Mechanics, the west started to know the significance of the observer that lives within us. When we observe this conversation between two masters, they must have dealt with the same emotions, same technology, and same spiritual aspects as of today that Krishna had to address in order to get Arjuna out of his dilemma. Look how clearly he explained that what an observer is!