Ever since the materialistic views of western mindset started polluting the young minds of India, they turned towards the close minded phenomenon and started blindly believing in what ever the main stream science says! But in recent decades, Quantum Physicists turned towards ancient Vedic literature to redefine and discover the roots of the ground breaking string theory!

In The Bhagavad Gita, Lord Krishna describes this world as beads struck together in a string! And the same come in Vedas that they say it as ‘Eka Dasa Sutra’ an 11 dimensional string. One of the scientists of String Theory describes that String theory extends to as far as 11 dimensions. And also Quantum Physicist John Heigel told that Veda is nothing but the Unified Field! If so, its the Observer/Atman within human self is the creator and collapses the wave function into particle manifestation.

So, Vedic Science is the Science of The unified Field Science, the ultimate science. We’re living in a society where a biologist doesn’t talk to a physicist, and an astronomer doesn’t communicate with a chemist. But Unified field theory suggests that everything is connected and is made of waves collapsed into particles by the observer. So the people in our ancient era lived by this very same knowledge and were far more advanced than what we think of them today.