It is a common sight that the birds flock in and fly above the sea forming in different shapes, but this is a unique vista! Birds are frequency sensitive; we all know that, as the common sparrows disappeared due to high-frequency mobile towers, it took a long time for them to come up with the new generation that can resist such high frequency.

But there are frequencies that birds truly love! Frequencies of harmony and love might be 432hz or 111hz, which are called the divine frequencies. A spectacular daily view at the historical Mahakaleshwar Temple of Ujjain has such phenomena where birds truly encircle the central pagoda in the shapes of frequencies at certain times. Frequencies can be photographed through Cymatics!

When a video of this broke the internet, everyone thought it’s a hoax, but more videos of if popped up as the locals documented this. This might be related to the Mantras or the resonant Frequency that this temple emits! In ancient times, the Ujjain Temple has a lingam that used to emit electricity and light, where legends associated with it that it healed people from fear of death and disease. It is evident that if you closely listen to the video you can hear ‘The Mrityunjaya Mantra’ played in the temple.   

Even the Indian explorer Praveen Mohan, featured this phenomena in a video he made on the magnetic energy of Lingam’s where they’re made either of Basalt Rocks or metals, which emit magnetic energy even today.  

– Viswanath Venkat Dasari

Image Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons