Ancient lands always bore different names from today, either they differ in pronunciation or may have a similar name or a different one. For example, Ancient Egypt was called as Kemet by all the countries at that time. But when Romans entered, they changed it into Ikupt, not turned into Egypt. The same happened to our land. India in Ancient era was called Bharat Varsh; the name however represents the entire land mass of Planet Earth that inhabited a populace could speak Sanskrit, and mostly this land we live in was called Arya Vartha; the land of nobles.

The name Bharat originated through the Emperor Bharata, or through the vedic significance ‘The One who dwells as God’ or an awakened man. However, when Persian empire of Cyrus and Roman Empires called this land as Indus or Hindos. They refer it to the River Indus, or where the Hindu People dwell.

But when the European companies who’re eager to find a sea route to India from their land, simply called it India. They first reached America and mistook the natives as Indians due to their similar features. So, during the arrival of the East India Company during Jahangir’s rule, India was called Hindustan. But as we know, after colonisation, they called it as Indian Empire. But currently, the name Bharat still resides in the constitution of this land and referred with the same, and however, there is a great upraise that it should be Called as Bharat not India internationally and there’s a need to rename India back to Bharat.

-Viswanath Venkat Dasari.