Ever since the ancient era, people have been targeted by greedy rulers with misinformation while the masters thrived and rose beyond the society to shine their own light. As multiple invasions took over this nation, the amount of corruption ranged from cultural corruption, knowledge corruption, language corruption, and DNA corruption, as we’re seeing nowadays. This has been done through subtle tools of manipulation, which among them has been very well known is The Magic Bullet Theory.

This theory has been proven in various media drills and people were directly influenced. In the year 1930, the US radio aired a statement from HG Wells Novel War Of The Worlds that Martians are going to invade The Planet Earth and this created so much fuzz among 12 million listeners that they openly believed it to be true without even questioning its authenticity. Then the same strategy has been used by Hitler to manipulate Germans. These kinds of messages seemed to be real for a specific period, were later known to be a fallacy.  Despite this, people still believe in the media headlines and even take action. This theory is standing proof of how people can be manipulated in a large scale even though they’re educated to a degree.

This is why right education is important in spiritual awakening. There’re many people who claim to be spiritual or they dress like spiritual, fell directly into the media mousetrap, that even the authorities may enforce to make people believe in it. But in ancient India, though they deliberately and strongly know the spiritual essence of humanity, they’re also amply educated to question everything, even the very system they’re in. But in the current education system, we’re only taught to believe everything that’s written in a book of the curriculum, and people are educated enough to go to a job, nothing more. As a result, they become vulnerable to any published message and take it to be real without even having a second thought. That’s why the style of the ancient Indian Education system is much needed in the current moment.