As the people of India are really in need of celebration; as they overcame these difficult times.  People from down south celebrated Vishu, especially in Kerala and the Tuluva people of coastal Karnataka, and the Bengal people celebrated their New Year. Christians celebrated Good-Friday on the same day. This is a beautiful combination of unity in diversity that you only got to see in India!

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The Significance of Vishu has been intertwined with the event when Lord Krishna, along with his consort, killed the Demon Narakasura by bringing forth the might of Vishnu from within. To celebrate this heroic act of Lord Krishna; people are celebrating Vishu in a grand way since five thousand years in down south. This festival mainly reminds us of the prosperity and wealth in our culture. People wake up early to see Rice, Gold, mirror, fruits, coconut and flowers decorated in a brass plate, as per the custom of ‘Vishu Kaineettam.’

Elders give some pocket money to children as per the tradition of honouring them. They burst crackers even few days before VIshu. The Malayalam word “Kani” means ‘that which is seen first.’ That means that our ancients are clear that what we see or what we intentionally create in our mind when we wake up, it will create our year. For that reason they see that decorated plate first in the morning. Every Ancient Indian festival has a deep meaning if we contemplate deeply.